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Discounts are not applicable toward our partner programs. Please check our coronavirus update page for our latest announcements. You must have a college degree. Note: An English Waiver may also apply if you have completed a university or college degree from an English speaking country. We also accept qualifications from a few language institutions. International Student Application.

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The Science Internship Program team is committed to the health and safety of our students, mentors, faculty, and staff. The well-being of all those affiliated with our program is our highest priority. We understand that there may be concerns about program deposits and fees. All requests from interns for COVIDrelated cancellations and refunds will be considered should that be necessary.

All changes to policies will be communicated here and below in the informational areas of this page. The teacher recommendation requirement was relaxed as of March 17, such that only one teacher recommendation was required to make applications complete. These changes were intended to accommodate the impact that widespread school system closures due to COVID have had on students and teachers.

The admission offer notification date has been changed to Friday, April 3, Eligibility Students be at least 14 years of age on the program start date of June 8, at least 16 years of age for certain research project placements and currently enrolled in high school. Students who expect to have graduated high school by this summer are generally ineligible. A limited number of partial and full need-based scholarships are available.

Scholarship requests will be considered after admission offers have been made.

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It is one of 10 campuses in the University of California system. Founded in , UC Santa Cruz began with the intention to showcase progressive, cross-disciplinary undergraduate education, innovative teaching methods and contemporary architecture. The residential college system consists of ten small colleges. Although some of the original founders had already outlined plans for an institution like UCSC as early as the s, the opportunity to realize their vision did not present itself until the City of Santa Cruz made a bid to the UC Board of Regents in the mids to build a campus just outside town, in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

In , the California State Senate passed a resolution asking the Regents to consider the Monterey Peninsula , and that same year, the California State Assembly passed its own resolution asking the Regents to consider the Santa Clara Valley. However, Santa Cruz was selected for the beauty, rather than the practicality, of its location, and its remoteness led to the decision to develop a residential college system that would house most of the students on-campus.

All summer & fall classes are offered remotely—either live-online with an instructor International student applications must be submitted by the following dates.

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date (IRD) via the Staff Employment Opportunities web site; ​edu. A computer is available at the UC Santa Cruz Staff Human Resources Office.

Contest Citation Online. Contesting Parking Violation: Procedure. To contest a citation, the first request must be made within 21 calendar days of receiving the citation OR within 14 calendar days of receiving the delinquent notice see below for more details. You may also call 1- to speak with a representative. A Customer Service Representative will provide you with instructions and details on how to contest your citation.

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In addition to the year-round support, services, and training we receive from Kesem National, we are grateful to those who provide support to our local Camp Kesem chapter including:. Our corporate and foundation donors who provide critical resources to help fund the services we deliver locally. The many retail and service providers who offer in-kind support for our summer camp as well as many or our year-round services.

Countless individuals — including our families and friends who honor our commitment to Camp Kesem with their financial support and unwavering encouragement.

If interested, read here about all of our online offer. UCSC International Curriculum, UCSC University Academic Curriculum Faculty of Economics – coursework in English – have two possible examination dates at the end of each quarter).

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California public school teachers have access to Plus courses for free. In Basic, students obtain access to video lecture content only. Verified teachers can obtain access to the full course content. To get a promotion code for Basic courses, click the button below and fill out the form.

The priority application date is December 5, How to Apply. USF’s one-year Master of Science in Find Us Online. Read the Blog · linkedin twitter facebook.

The colleges at UC Santa Cruz are instrumental in creating the learning communities and supportive environment that characterize the Santa Cruz experience. All undergraduate students, whether they live in university housing or not, are affiliated with one of ten colleges. In addition to housing students in small-scale residential communities, each college provides academic support, organizes student activities, and sponsors events that enhance the intellectual and social life of the campus.

Every college community includes students with diverse backgrounds and academic goals. Your college affiliation is independent of your choice of major, and assignments are based upon space availability and student preferences. More than just a place to live, the International Living Center offers a unique living environment fostering understanding and friendship among people from different nations.

Half of the ILC’s residents are from the U. Students that become affiliated with either College Nine or College Ten will have the option to express an interest in the ILC during the online housing application process. The colleges at UC Santa Cruz offer two kinds of living accommodations— residence halls and apartments, both with access to common dining facilities.

Nine of the colleges have both residence halls and apartments, while Kresge College has all apartments. Except for Kresge and Oakes, apartments are generally reserved for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. These communities are made up of students from all of the residential colleges. Each community is supported by a live-in manager and student staff who plan activities and assist residents.

Failure to meet this deadline will void any housing guarantee.

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