L.A. Woman

Woman is the sixth studio album by the American rock band the Doors , released on April 19, , on Elektra Records. It is the last to feature lead singer Jim Morrison during his lifetime due to his death three months after the album’s release, though he would posthumously appear on the album An American Prayer. Even more so than its predecessors, the album is heavily influenced by blues. It was recorded without record producer Paul A. Rothchild after he fell out with the group over the perceived lack of quality of their studio performances. Subsequently, the band co-produced the album with longtime sound engineer Bruce Botnick.

L.A. Woman (Expanded)

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L.A. Woman is a music studio album recording by THE DOORS “Love Her Madly” is the obligatory single, which has a very good quality, with very good.

The Doors mark the moment when the American rock underground of the s came crashing into the mainstream. The group’s massive influence on the course of rock music may been overshadowed by decades of lionization of their late lead singer Jim Morrison, whose early death wound up being a pivotal part of their legacy. He seemed to loom larger in his afterlife than he did when he roamed the earth, his posthumous popularity cresting in the ’80s as the Doors returned to radio airwaves in the wake of their magnum opus “The End” soundtracking pivotal moments in Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now.

Morrison’s heated poetry and hedonism were genuinely new at the time the Doors released their self-titled debut in , as were the droning guitars of Robby Krieger and cascading organ lines of Ray Manzarek, who also played keyboard bass in concert on record, session musicians often laid down a bass part. Underneath their trippy surface, the Doors were veterans of the Los Angeles garage scene, and their affinity for blues and hard rock gave the band a flinty earthiness that served them well throughout their career; it’s certainly evident on their biggest hit singles, including “Light My Fire,” “Love Me Two Times,” “Hello, I Love You,” “Touch Me,” and “Love Her Madly.

Ray had been playing with the group since , sticking with it as he enrolled in UCLA’s graduate film program. By happenstance, he met a fellow student by the name of Jim Morrison while they were both on Venice Beach. During the course of , Morrison gradually became part of the group, with John Densmore — a drummer for the Psychedelic Rangers who was an acquaintance of Manzarek’s — joining the band that summer.

Between the two departures came the arrival of Robby Krieger, a guitarist who played with Densmore in the Psychedelic Rangers. The band never replaced Hansen. Manzarek decided to play bass via the Fender Rhodes Piano Bass, which had just hit the market. In the first months of , the group worked out the kinks in their chemistry and material while at that venue, so when they started playing the Whisky A Go Go that summer, they had found their voice.

Rothchild, witnessed two sets from the Doors on August 10, Just over a week later, the band signed to Elektra, which also was home to Love.

Album Review: “L.A. Woman” By The Doors

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The Doors final studio album “L.A. Woman” featured the singles “Lover Her Madly​”, “Riders On The Storm” and of course the hit title track. Replicated die cut sl.

Please note: Individual Doors titles are not numbered. Mastered by Doug Sax using an all-tube system. The title track from this, the last Doors album recorded with Jim Morrison, who died shortly after it was released, has, said one reviewer, “maybe the best Chuck Berry riffs since the Stones. The song peaked at No. Woman was still high on the charts when, like in the lyric “actor out on loan” of its closing track — the celebrated “Riders on the Storm,” Jim Morrison died in a Paris bathtub in the summer of Via such tracks as “The Changeling,” “Crawling King Snake,” and the frothy, rollicking title track, the collection leaned heavily toward the Blues — in particular, Morrison’s boastful “Lizard King” brand of it.

All-in-all, Rolling Stone proclaimed L. Woman, “The Doors’ greatest album, including their first,” and “A landmark worthy of dancing in the streets. Woman — are featured on gram vinyl, pressed at 45 rpm. All were cut from the original analog masters by Doug Sax, with the exception of The Doors, which was made from the best analog tape copy.

Track-by-track: The Doors – LA Woman

LA Woman is a sublime city soundscape. During their short career, The Doors released six albums in just over four years. This track-by-track breakdown will guide you through why LA Woman is probably their most celebrated effort, by fans and critics alike. I had none.

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Woman was released in April Forty-one years later, surviving members of the Doors, and others involved with production, discuss the album with the Weekly , track by track. Ray Manzarek, Doors keyboardist: The lyrics are prophetic. I’ve lived downtown, but I’ve never been so broke that I couldn’t leave town. He’d had money and been broke.

He’d had his L. John Densmore, Doors drummer: Jim had changed. You look at him when I met him, and he looked like Michelangelo’s statue of David. When he left, he was overweight with a beard. That was a conscious reaction against the Mick Jagger sex-symbol image.

L.A. Woman (song)

The final album with Jim Morrison in the lineup is by far their most blues-oriented, and the singer’s poetic ardor is undiminished, though his voice sounds increasingly worn and craggy on some numbers. Actually, some of the straight blues items sound kind of turgid, but that’s more than made up for by several cuts that rate among their finest and most disturbing work. The seven-minute title track was a car-cruising classic that celebrated both the glamour and seediness of Los Angeles; the other long cut, the brooding, jazzy “Riders on the Storm,” was the group at its most melodic and ominous.

The title track from this, the last Doors album recorded with Jim Morrison, who died shortly after it was released, has, said one reviewer, “maybe the best Chuck​.

Any attempts at making an album under these conditions should have met with unmitigated disaster, but on L. Self-produced and recorded in their private rehearsal space, the album was a homecoming in both a musical and spiritual sense. Morrison left on an extended trip to Paris as the final mixes were being prepared, hoping to rediscover his muse in the City of Light. He would never return: The singer died there in July Here are some surprising facts about the creation of L.

Woman got off to an inauspicious start in November , when the band played their new material for producer Paul Rothchild. They possessed only a handful of semi-complete tunes, and Rothchild was less than impressed.

THE DOORS: “L.A. Woman” (Elektra) Review

The Doors Debut Album ekl- mono. In-depth liner notes by Ben Fong-Torres. High definition vinyl pressing for superior fidelity. The nicest thing you can do for your stylus and ears. The ultimate record — the way music was meant to be heard.

Listen to ‘L.A. Woman’. “I quit because I’d grown tired of dragging the Doors from one album to another, especially an unwilling Jim, and he had.

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Doors – L.A. Woman

Woman ” is a song by the American rock band the Doors. The song is the title track of their album L. Woman , the final album to feature Jim Morrison before his death on July 3,

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His grave has been a flame to Morrison-obsessed moths ever since.

The Story of ‘The Doors L.A. Woman’

By Genre. The turn of the decade was not a good time for The Doors. The end of the Sixties was marked by a series of collisions between lead singer Jim Morrison and the legal authorities. Morrison had been arrested both in New Haven, Connecticut for indecent and immoral exhibition, breach of peace, resisting arrest and in Phoenix, Arizona where he had been charged along with friend and Warhol actor Tom Baker for abuse of an in-flight attendant and interfering with the flight of an aircraft.

Often revered as one of the greatest classic rock songs, “” was The Doors’ ode to the City of Angels. But could this song have a.

After all, the family variety show was monumental for the careers of Elvis Presley and The Beatles. But no one ever imagined the performance would be the epitome of punk rock ethos. But there was something about the performance that was just cooler than going against censorship. Morrison was dark, mysterious, and alluring but above all, he was honest. If the lyrics offended the old folks, then so be it! Peace and flowers were nice, but the late s were dangerous times.

It put Morrison in an interesting position.

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